Mold Resistant Coating - IAQ 6000 (White): 8360

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IAQ 6000 is a white, tintable mold resistant coating*, that contains a fungistatic agent to resist mold growth on the dry coating surface. IAQ 6000 is a durable, flexible, and permeable 100% acrylic water based coating. IAQ 6000 is recommended for use on wood, plaster, wallboard, sheetrock, concrete, masonry block, primed metal and galvanized metal.

*Resistant to mold growth on the dry coating surface only

Durability Plus Excellent Mold Resistance

  • IAQ 6000 mold resistant coating was developed to withstand moist, humid conditions that are ideal for mold growth
  • Fiberlock IAQ 6000 does not contain any compounds with toxic metals such as barium, boron or zinc, which are present in other mold-resistant coatings
  • Fiberlock IAQ 6000 is an extremely durable coating developed to withstand moist, humid conditions that provide the ideal environment for fungal growth
  • This easy to apply, 100% acrylic coating offers the ultimate in durability in combination with excellent mold resistance
  • Additionally, its smooth finish minimizes dirt buildup that provides nutrients for mold growth

Other Information:

  • Min Selling Qty: 1
  • Std Pkg Uom: EA
  • Std Pkg Qty: 1
  • Price Unit: EA
  • Package: 1EA
  • Capacity: 5.0 gal
  • Solids By Weight: 54.6.0%
  • Solids By Volume: 39.6%
  • Viscosity At 70: 90-95 Kreb Units
  • Specular Gloss: 6ø ñ 1 @60ø
  • Flash Point: Non-combustible
  • Shelf Life: 36 Months Min. (Original Sealed Container)
  • Calculated Voc: 75 Grams/liter
  • Drying Time: To Touch: 1 hour, To Recoat: 4 Hours
  • Minimum App Temp: 50ø F
  • Smooth Surface Coverage: 250-400 ft2/gal
  • Porous Surface Coverage: 150-300 ft2/gal
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