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SolarShade® Series

  • Pelsue

    Pelsue SolarShade® Fiber Splicing Tent

    The Pelsue SolarShade® Fiber Splicing Tent incorporates a special solar blocking material throughout the interior. The material helps block solar gain as well as unwanted light. This allows the tent to be deployed in hot weather environments, where...

    $908.00 - $1,170.00

  • Pelsue

    Pelsue SolarShade® DIT Digital Technician Tent

    The SolarShade® Work Shelter / DIT Tent is trusted by film crews across the world for providing a portable environment. It is the perfect tent for film and video production. The Pelsue SolarShade® Work Shelter can be rapidly deployed, and creates...

    $868.00 - $1,672.00

  • Pelsue

    Pelsue SolarShade® Umbrella Series

    The SolarShade® Floating Umbrella and Tent are extremely versatile and provide instant protection from the elements. They can be set up on smooth surfaces, including curved surfaces like the side of a work truck. Low suction indicators provide you a...

    $748.00 - $963.00