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SolarShade® Series

  • Pelsue

    Pelsue SolarShade Fiber Splicing Tent

    The Pelsue SolarShade® Fiber Splicing Tent incorporates a special solar blocking material throughout the interior which is perfect for film and production crews. The material helps block solar gain as well as unwanted light. This allows the tent to...

    $1,029.00 - $1,348.00

  • Pelsue

    Pelsue SolarShade® Work Shelter

    The Pelsue SolarShade® Work Shelter can be rapidly deployed, and creates instant shade. The SolarShade Series tents use a special solar blocking material, which prevents solar gain, so the tent stays cooler compared to the typical fabrics used in...

    $1,258.79 - $1,951.00

  • Pelsue

    Pelsue SolarShade® Umbrella Series

    The SolarShade® Floating Umbrella and Tent are extremely versatile and provide instant protection from the elements. They can be set up on smooth surfaces, including curved surfaces like the side of a work truck. Low suction indicators provide you a...

    $998.00 - $1,062.00