If you know First Place Supply, you know that we care about safety and security. Everything we do is geared around providing you with the safest work environment we possibly can. We only provide the finest safety equipment because we only want our customers to have the best. We have the best fire equipment, the best accessories and tools for confined space, the best absorbent pads, and the best Bluetooth communication tools when you need to be in close touch with your team, and the best standing mats and wild land equipment. We partner with industry leaders who are proven to be the best at combining quality with exceptional pricing. No company can afford to treat the safety of its customers lightly, and we don’t.

Whatever it is you may be looking for – durable and versatile nozzles for water spraying, FlexPacs that help make your ventilation foolproof, anchor clamps to keep things where they belong – we make sure to stock it. Beyond all of the other things we’ve mentioned, we offer cable clamps, canopies, cable drying windbags, and even MAXI duct rods. We store it all, because you never know when you may need something – and that something may not be there. With First Place Supply at your side, you always have the things you need a finger length away. That’s our commitment to safety and to quality.

If you have some time, and if you think you need something more, let us be the ones to take some of the worry out of going to work.