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Air Quality

  • Abatement Technologies H2KM HEPA-AIRE® Negative Air Machine

    The powerful HEPA-AIRE model H2KM and deluxe model H2KMA Negative Air Machines from Abatement Technologies are designed for the contractor who wants the very best in performance, reliability and quality. The difference between the two...


  • AQUATRAP® AT150RS LGR Dehumidifier

    AQUATRAP® AT150RS LGR Dehumidifier - Abatement Technologies AT150RS The most competitively priced LGR dehumidifier in its category Water Removal up to 140 pints @ 90%rh and 75 pints @ AHAM  Rated Air Flow: 354 cfm /...


  • WM Triple Air Three Station Pump with Carrying Handle

    Triple Air Portable three-station pump with carrying handle Includes:  1/3 hp diaphragm pump, three-port manifold with individual control valves, pressure relief valve, carrying handle, 110-volt cord, and vibration-free mount Offers...


  • AQUATRAP® AT250RS LGR Dehumidifier

    AQUATRAP® AT250RS LGR Dehumidifier AT250RS Powerful all-temperature structural drying in a lightweight Unit 147 pints/day water removal @ AHAM and up to 266 Pints per Day @ saturation Powerful 400+ CFM airflow Tuned for Optimal Performance...


  • H1990M - HEPA-AIRE 1990 Negative Air Machine

    Features of the HEPA-AIRE Model 1990L include: Two Operating Speeds: 1,600 CFM (High) & 1,050 CFM (Low) Weight: 125 Pounds, Including Filters 18” x 24” x 12” -Deep Certified 99.97% HEPA Filter High-Performance...


  • H2KMA - HEPA Negative Air Machine

    Legendary Air Cleaning Performance in a Galvanized Steel Cabinet HEPA-AIRE Negative Air Machines from Abatement Technologies® feature high-quality, galvanized steel cabinets and water tight pop rivet construction. Four standard HEPA-AIRE models are...


  • Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums

    Main Filter (Cotton) for GM80 Series

    Replacement Cotton Main Filter for Nilfisk models GM80, GM80i, GS81, GM810, GM811 (mfg. part# 61543000) Retains 99.8% @ 3 microns; DOP-tested Made from the finest materials Another great accessory for your Nilfisk product


  • Small Wonder Acetone Vaporizer

    The Small Wonder Acetone Vaporizer Kit includes everything needed to clear slides for PCM analysis.Wondermakers Small Wonder Acetone Vaporizer was developed as an economical and quick way to clear asbestos PCM slides. Specifically designed to meet...