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  • B-Air

    Vantage 1500 Dehumidifier / 76 Pints Per Day

      Rapidly drying out your space is the utmost concern after a busted pipe or natural disaster, and the B-Air Vantage 1500 Dehumidifier can effectively pull moisture out the air without additional and unnecessary features. Designed for...


  • B-Air

    Vantage LGR 3000 Dehumidifier / 170 Pints Per Day

    The B-Air Vantage LGR 3000 is the most effective dehumidifying and drying device available to restoration contractors. The Vantage LGR 3000 removes 170 pints per day @ AHAM / 38 gallons per day @ saturation - more water removal than any other refrigerant...