Drum Vacuums

Tough. Durable. Dependable. Powerful. That’s what a drum vacuum is supposed to be. Thanks to our partnership with HafcoVac, we make sure you get drum vacuums that are safer, more reliable, mower powerful, more energy efficient, and that offer more variable power than anything else on the market. If you are going to pay for anything, you want that something to be the best. With HafcoVac’s world-class engineering, that’s exactly what you get.

Take our HV-30-1510V, for example.

Here is a drum vacuum that beats out anything the competitors might offer. A grounded vacuum head with an 18-gauge, 30-gallon grounded drum. A 4-wheel Steel Caster Base. A static, conductive vacuum hose with wire. If you have a wet mess, or a dry mess, our HV-30-1510V can help you with both: it’s a wet/dry floor tool with a 4-inch wand. And that’s not all you get. You also get a crevice tool and 20 inches of ¾-inch I.D. Air Supply Hose. And, to top everything off, the HV-30-1510V comes with HEPA filters that are 99.97% efficient.

You won’t find anything better, or safer, than the products we offer you on our pages. That’s our promise to you.

That’s our commitment to you.

At First Place Supply, we offer the best compressed air drum vacuums on the market. We offer them at a low price and we make sure that everything you want gets shipped to you as fast as possible. Talk to our skilled staff, get the advice you need, and the cleaning product you’ve been looking for.