Disaster Restoration

  • One Gallon Fiberlock Recon Heavy Duty Cleaner 3027

    Fiberlock Technologies, Inc

    Recon Heavy Duty Cleaner (Single Gallon): 3027

    Dilutions Soot & Carbon Removal - 1:16 Heavy Duty Cleaning - 1:16 Medium Duty Cleaning - 1:32 Steam Cleaning/Pressure Wash - 1:32 General Cleaning - 1:64 Hard Floor Cleaning - 1:64 Additional facts:   Std Pkg Uom: CS Color:...

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  • One Case Fiberlock Fiberlock Recon Odor Counteracant 3041

    Fiberlock Technologies, Inc

    Fiberlock Recon Odor Counteracant 4 Case: 3041

    Help keep your workplace odor free with ease! Formulated Specifically for Fire, Smoke & Water Damage Restoration! RECON Extreme Duty Odor Counteractant is a maximum strength, super-concentrated product for the most extreme treatment of most...

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  • Concrobium Odor Eliminator

    Concrobium Pro

    Concrobium Pro - Probiotic Odor Eliminator

    Concrobium® Odor Eliminator has a unique probiotic formula that effectively neutralizes odors on hard and fabric surfaces caused by flooding/water damage, garbage, compost/food waste, human waste, pets, smoke and more. The solution can also be used...

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  • Fiberlock Recon Extreme Duty Cleaner Case 3024

    Fiberlock Technologies, Inc

    Recon Extreme Duty Cleaner 4 Case (One Gallon): 3024

    Remove almost anything from almost any surface! Extreme Duty Cleaner is one of the most powerful products available! This is a very high pH butyl cleaner for cleaning and removing the worst deposits in fire, smoke and water damage restoration...

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When you have a disaster, picking up the pieces is always hard. Sometimes, it may even seem impossible. But it doesn’t have to be. The impossible can be made possible through the careful use of the right disaster restoration products.

Check our inventory, and you’ll find that we offer the kind of goods you need to get yourself back on steady legs after a catastrophe. Need Fiberlock Recon odor counteractant? We have it. Need Fiberlock Recon citrus solvent cleaner and degreaser? We have it, too. And then there’s Fiberlock’s Recon extreme duty cleaner. And it’s Recon heavy duty cleaner. When things are reduced to a mess, First Place Supply know that you need products you can count on.

Too much is at stake to use the merely mediocre.

To give you some idea of what you can get for your money, take a look at Fiberlock’s aptly-named Recon extreme duty cleaner. It features a high pH butyl cleaner for removing the worst deposits in fire, smoke and water damage restoration applications. When there’s been trouble, this customer favorite removes grease, oils, fats, carbon, even wax and tar. It handles the most extreme cleaning jobs and you can use it on almost any hard surface. Caustic, fortified, high pH, butyl-based – our extreme duty cleaner is noted for its superior ease of use and for getting rid of the toughest soils.

Whether you’re picking yourself up after a disaster, or simply getting ready for one that might come your way, do yourself a favor and look over our line of goods or talk to our staff. You won’t need a disaster after you’re done to know you made the right choice.