Portable Air Scrubbers

On any industrial site, it’s a given that particles are going to escape into the air that you don’t want there. Nobody goes to the worksite to breath in noxious particulates. Good air scrubbers will protect your health, boost morale, and make the workplace an all-around more enjoyable place to be.

And it helps when those good air scrubbers are also portable.

First Place Supply carries 9 different types of portable air scrubber. Every one of them guaranteed to get the job done right. The priciest one of all, the HEPA-AIRE Portable Air Scrubber, costs $6,100.00. It has a five-horsepower, single-phase motor that delivers as much as 4000 cfm of peak airflow while drawing only 21 amps or less. It’s durable – a galvanized 20-guage steel cabinet with aircraft-type solid rivet fasteners – and has dual 2000 cfm HEPA filters accompanied by VAPOR-LOCK high-capacity granular carbon pre-filters. It is often described as the optimal portable air scrubber if you’re scrubbing large spaces. It’s a superb tool under the right conditions, but only one of several you’ll find on our site.

A quick glance of our site, and you’ll discover eight other air scrubbers that will leave you – quite literally – breathing easier. The PRED600, the baby of our fleet of scrubbers, costs only $980.00. It weighs only 64 pounds and has received terrific rating from our customers for being portable, lightweight, and durable. You can squeeze it into small spaces and our customers have often remarked on great the air quality is when it’s finished.

See what has everyone talking, and stop by First Place Supply and get exactly what you’re looking for.