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HEPA Air Scrubber | PRED750 Portable Air Scrubber

Was: $1,575.00
Now: $1,375.00
  • Abatement Technologies F621-12 Replacement Filters for CAP600 & CAP1200 Series.
  • The H502 filter is optional for Abatement Technologies PAS1800 and H600V portable air scrubbers.
  • Optional Third Stage VAPOR-LOCK® High Capacity Activated Carbon Filter.
  • The H161606-99 OEM replacement has an injection-molded plastic frame
  • Locking clamp for flex duct on your air scrubber.

Product Description



PRED750 Portable Air Scrubber Description

With next-generation technology, the PRED750 features a unique, updated double-wall polymer cabinet and design that produces exceptional airflow and durability to make your jobs easier and more profitable. With an amazing peak airflow of up to 750 cfm – up to 50% more than the competition – the PRED750 can help you get the job done faster and better using fewer units. Yet the ergonomic PRED750 is more compact than other units, weighs only 35-pounds and operates on 1.9 amps or less making it a high quality option for a portable air scrubber!

High-tech features that set the 
PRED750 Portable Air Scrubber apart include:

  • NOTE - THE PRED600 WAS REPLACED BY THE PRED750. Both Units use the same filters.
  • Powerful - Provides 6 ACH @ 6,000-7,500 ft³
  • Strong, Double-Wall Design - Combination rotational molded and injection molded high-density polyethylene cabinet provides the precision and ruggedness to stand up to the toughest jobsite conditions
  • Modular Control Panel-Motor Connection - One-plug electrical connection makes it easy to access the motorized impeller or control panel for cleaning and maintenance
  • Special Cabinet - Microbial growth and UV inhibitors in the cabinet resin protect cabinet integrity
  • Increased Mobility - Integral, heavy-duty flip-up style transport handle and perfect weight balance make it a snap to hand carry the PRED750 to and from the jobsite
  • Low Amperage Draw - Safely daisy-chain up to five units on one 15-amp circuit
  • Easy to Clean - A special TEFGARD® finish makes the cabinet easy to clean and decontaminate
  • Effective & Economical Filtration - Comes equipped with two high-capacity particulate pre-filters and a true 99.97% HEPA filter. VAPOR-LOCK® Carbon pre-filter for odors is optional
  • User-Friendly Controls - A complete array of convenient controls enables users to continuously monitor the operating status of the PRED600
  • Secure Stacking - Multiple units stack and nest securely together to save space in a warehouse or van, or when operating on the job
  • Safety First - NRTL-certified to comply with UL Std. 507 & CAN/CSA Std. #C22.2 No. 113-M1984 for electrical safety. Meets UL94HB flammability requirements for polymer cabinets housing energized electrical components
  • Export Model Available - The PRED750TF is designed for 220v-240v/50hz-60hz service
  • Custom Models Available - The PRED750 is available in special colors and private labeled with reasonable minimum order quantities. This also makes it the perfect air scrubber to be portable.


  • Stage 1 pre-filter - 1” coarse particulate pre-filter (MERV 4)
  • Stage 2 pre-filter - 2” pleated particulate pre-filter (MERV 6)
  • Optional stage 2 VAPOR-LOCK® carbon filter (MERV 7)
  • True HEPA filter - Long-life HEPA tested and certified to an efficiency of 99.97% or higher for 0.3 micron particles; does not rely on an electrostatic charge to maintain 99.97% HEPA efficiency 

Control Panel Features:

  • Power indicator
  • Filter change indicator
  • Variable speed fan control
  • Dual-plug, GFCI-protected receptacle 12-amp circuit breaker

*Airflow ratings are based on third party testing conducted @ 120 VAC with clean filters in accordance with generally accepted testing methods using highly accurate electronic flow measurement equipment. Different testing methods may produce higher or lower results. Ratings have been rounded off to the nearest 50 cfm for convenience.

Additional Features:

  • Std Pkg Uom: EA
  • Std Pkg Qty: 1
  • Price Unit: EA
  • Package: 1 EA
  • Material: Cabinet: UL94HB flame retardant resin with EPA-Registered microbial inhibitor
  • Amps: 2.50 A
  • Airflow: 200-750 cfm
  • Air Changes Per Hour: 6 ACH in 6,000-7,500 ft3
  • Power Supply Requirements: 120 volts AC, 60Hz, 15 amps
  • Circuit Breaker: 12 amps
  • dB Level: 68dB on High, 59dB on Low
  • Transportability: Sturdy top handle
  • Pre Filter Access: Hinged door secured by rotating latches. Full perimeter gasket seals to protect against bypass of dirty air
  • Rubber Feet: Attached rubber feet protect floors and secure the PRED750 firmly in place during operation
  • Motorized Impeller: Motorized impeller rated for 100,000 hours with thermal overload protection, auto reset, 60Hz, single-phase

All Abatement HEPA-CARE units have been tested by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and carry the marks certifying that they comply with applicable OSHA, UL and CSA electrical safety standards. Filters meet UL900 flammability standards.

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