Lead Abatement

Lead-based paints are often necessary. They help speed up the drying process and they increase durability. They keep that costly paint job looking fresh. And they’re excellent for combating corrosion.

But they’re also extremely dangerous.

Extended exposure to lead has been traced to damage to the nervous system, to kidney damage, even to cancer. If you’re not using optimal lead abatement goods, then applying or removing lead-based paints could very easily lead to disaster. For as little as $59.35, you can protect yourself and your business from the worst-case scenario.

We currently have 10 lead abatement products in our inventory. Our ChildGuard retail lead encapsulant will keep the most vulnerable and precious of your family safe. Our Lockdown adhesive for lead and asbestos puts the finishing touches on a tough job so that you know the danger is finished as soon as the job is. We also have L-B-C industrial lead encapsulant for the busy construction site where a simple mistake can potentially lead to grim human and legal consequences.

Because we care about safety, all of our products are economically priced. Because we care about quality, we work with Fiberlock Technologies, a respected brand name which a reputation for placing a high premium on safety. And, because we care about our customers, we have our products readily available online so that you can access them quickly when you’re pressed with a tight deadline but don’t want to cut corners on safety.

Visit our site and talk to our staff before you think about applying that next coat of paint.