Air Movers

If you’ve ever had an employee – or even yourself – stumble and fall because of a wet floor, you know that a good air mover is worth its weight in gold. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who’s never stepped on a wet spot and taken a tumble, you know how dangerous it can be. And how much legal liability might be coming your way if it happens to someone who works for you.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable.

Get a top-of-the-line air mover and sleep at night.

At First Place Supply, we have more than a dozen types of air movers. They all come in the same basic shape, but they don’t all offer the exact same features or accessories. The reason is pretty simple: you can use an air mover for a lot of other things besides drying up a spot. That’s why we want to give you as much variety and choice as we can. And you can’t beat the quality.

At First Place Supply, you can get a top air mover for less than $100.00. And you’ll never have to pay as much as $500.00 for one. Thanks to the good folks at Abatement Technologies, we’ve been able to stock up on some of the top stuff on the market. Take a look at our RAM3000DBL for example.

We don’t have the space to detail all its good features, but let’s just say this: if you’re looking for advanced axial air drying technology, for high-intensity, rotational-molded polymer housing, a built-in GFCI receptacle, and two-speed, high-velocity airflow – well, you’re looking at the right product.

Talk to our sales staff about the RAM3000DBL or about some of our other wonderful products. Some way or another, we’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.