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Premier Work Tents

  • Pelsue

    Pelsue Standard Series Tents

    The Pelsue Standard Series Tents can be deployed rapidly and are easy to transport. They are great lightweight tents where extra functionality isn’t needed. The tents incorporate a dual zipper roll-up door for easy entry and exit. The standard...

    $786.00 - $4,960.00

  • Pelsue

    Pelsue SolarShade Fiber Splicing Tent

    The Pelsue SolarShade® Fiber Splicing Tent incorporates a special solar blocking material throughout the interior which is perfect for film and production crews. The material helps block solar gain as well as unwanted light. This allows the tent to...

    $1,029.00 - $1,348.00

  • Pelsue

    Pelsue All-Weather Fiber to the Home Tent

    Videos The Pelsue Fiber To The Home Tent is one of the most versatile work tents on the market. It can narrow down to 2 feet wide to function in restricted spaces, or expand out to 6 feet wide. It can be used for a variety of applications from Fiber...


  • Pelsue

    Pelsue Interlocking Series Tents

    The interlocking flaps allow you to connect two tents together, or attach the tent to a work vehicle. The interlocking flaps are a great way to get extra functionality out of your tent. Main Features EASY SET-UP INTERLOCKING DOORS 8" VENTILATION...

    $820.00 - $3,412.00

  • Pelsue All-Weather Fiber Splicing Tent

    The Pelsue All-Weather Fiber Splicing Tent was specifically designed for use in all seasons. It has a special solar blocking top, combined with translucent sides to allow light in. It includes three 14” sleeves for ventilation hoses, or for the...


  • Pelsue

    Pelsue Dual-Entry Series Tents

    The Pelsue Dual-Entry Series improves upon the Interlocking Series by adding a rear-access door for easy entry and exit when the front of the tent is closed off. Allows greater access to work on a cabinet/box, when two tents are connected together, or...

    $1,272.00 - $1,743.00

  • Pelsue

    Pelsue High-Rise Series Tents

    The Pelsue High-Rise Series Tents are ideal for use over tripod or davit rescue systems or on pole-mounted cabinets that require additional height. Main Features EXTRA HEIGHT WRAPS AROUND POLES REAR-ACCESS DOOR Includes • Front door...

    $1,280.00 - $2,117.00

  • Pelsue

    Pelsue Trench Series Tents

    The Pelsue Trench Series Tents offer protection from the elements during trenching or boring operations. One-piece construction allows for easy set-up and break-down. There are openings on both ends for easy access. The tents may be used as a modular set...

    $2,102.00 - $6,132.00