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Viper Nozzles - Viper Automatic Nozzles (1 1/2" Swivel): FT8020

Now: $705.60
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Product Description

Product #: FT8020
Description: Automatic Flow Range 80-200
Make: Viper
Model: Automatic
Flow: 80 - 200 gpm
Length: 11.20"
Weight(lb): 6
Shipping (L)12" (W)9" (H)6"
Weight(lb): 8
  • Constructed of E-LITE aluminum with brass internal parts
  • Compact, Simple, Low maintenance, Light-weight fire nozzles, 
  • Safe and durable (individually tested)
  • All do Fog to Straight Stream with the turn of the bumper
  • Capable of flushing without shutting down
  • Ergonomically designed for easy operation and handling
  • Full-time swivels, pistol grips that can be removed & spinning teeth
  • Working pressure is 100psi. (most also available at 50 or 75psi (LP models))
  • Shutoff handles available in colors to match pre-connect lines: Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green
  • VIPER Nozzles available in NST and NPSH - 2 ½” in NST only
  • All viper nozzles are available in 1 ½” NST ‘Tip Only’
  • Large flow ranges between 75 psi and 150 psi at the nozzle
  • BIMATIC flush system allows flush without shutting down
  • Constant flow through fog and straight stream
  • Flow Ranges from 15 to 250 among 5 models