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Benner Nawman Hydraulic Rebar Cutter Medium Duty - Corded Model | DC-16LZ

Now: $1,199.05

Product Description

DC-16LZ | This portable medium-duty rebar cutter will safely, efficiently, and cleanly cut rebar up to #5 (5/8”, 16 mm) diameter grade 60 rebar. This self-contained electric/hydraulic unit will also cut other items like chain, bolts and rod but is specifically designed for rebar. The DC-16LZ is designed for effortless medium-duty applications on vertical and horizontal rebar cutting applications. This tool is a great asset for swimming pool, masonry, and ICF contractors. The DC-16LZ is a cold cutting shear unlike saws with abrasive blades and cutting torches. There are no sparks or flame and no trailing hoses to snare equipment or a worker's foot. The DC-16W rebar cutter ships complete in a durable plastic carrying case with hydraulic oil and a tool kit.


  • Cleanly Cuts Up To #5 (5/8", 16mm) Grade 60 Rebar
  • Cutting Speed of 2 Seconds
  • Long Life Alloy Cutting Blocks
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Precision-Balanced Armature
  • Double-insulated Electrical Motor
  • Great Asset for Swimming Pool, Masonry, and ICF Contractors

Additional Information

  • Cutting Pressure: 13 tons
  • Power Supply: 115V, 50/60 hz, 9 amps
  • Safer by eliminating sparks and flames
  • Includes a steel carrying case, hydraulic oil and a tool kit.

Spec Sheet for the DC-16LZ

Cutter Air Bleeding Instructions