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ZipWall - ZipDoor - For Commercial Doorways: ZDC

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Product Description

The commercial ZipDoor kit is a great way to create a dust barrier for larger doorways in hospitals and commercial space. And, it's reusable too.

Includes: one 4' x 8' ZipDoor and 1 roll of ZipWall double-sided tape. Two Heavy Duty-zippers are pre-installed on the ZipDoor.

Seals any doorway in under a minute

The new ZipDoor™ kit is a great way to create a dust barrier when all you need to seal is the doorway. One person can install it in under a minute. You’ll save hours on jobs with lots of doors like commercial office space, hotels, hospitals, and more. The savings can really add up.


  • Pays for itself in time savings
  • For commercial doors up to 4’ x 8’, flame retardant
  • Made from 4 mil plastic sheeting
  • Two heavy duty zippers pre-installed
  • Includes new ZipWall double-sided tape
  • Can be repositioned easily for up to 1 hour
  • Ideal for RRP requirements

Our zippers are glued-on for maximum sheer strength and durability. A stitched-on zipper can fail if pulled sharply or tugged because the stitching creates a perforation.

To attach the ZipDoor we invented a very special double-sided tape. One side of our ZipWall tape is like traditional painter’s tape. It’s gentle on painted surfaces. The other side was designed to hold plastic sheeting. Importantly, it lets you reposition the ZipDoor for up to an hour before fully bonding to the plastic.