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Zipwall Edge™ Head & Non-Skid Plate

Now: $20.19
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

Product Description

Ingenious design holds a barrier where a drop-ceiling meets the wall without lifting the grid

The Edge™ Head & Non-Skid Plate is specially designed not to lift the grid at the edge of a drop-ceiling. Works with all ZipWall® spring-loaded poles.

Note: For use on the first and last poles only. Use standard head & plates for all other poles.


When working with a drop-ceiling, use an Edge™ head and plate on the first and last pole. Standard heads and plates may be used on all other poles between them.

  1. Attach an Edge™ head & plate to the top of a ZipWall® spring-loaded pole
  2. Slide the plate off the head
  3. Bring the barrier material over the head
  4. Replace the plate over the head, pressing the pegs with the barrier material through the snaps
  5. Slide the plate to lock the barrier material onto the pole
  6. Set the pole up next to the wall