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Hafcovac - Explosion Proof Vacuum: HV-55-1510VX
Hafcovac - Explosion Proof Vacuum with silencer
Hafcovac - Explosion Proof Vacuum with silencer

Explosion Proof Anti-Static Compressed Air Vacuum with Accessory Kit, 30 or 55 Gallon

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Drum Size:
30 or 55 Gallons

Choose Options

  • HafcoVac Shush Silencer
  • Hafcovac: HEPA Filter: HV-7063
  • Hafcovac: HEPA Filter: HV-7063
  • Hafcovac: HEPA Filter: HV-7063
  • Hafcovac: Cloth Internal Filter Bag (6 Pack): HV-7038-6
  • Hafcovac: Liquid Shut-Off Assembly: HV-7031



Explosion-Proof for Every Space

We’re proud to offer this explosion-proof, anti-static compressed air vacuum from HafcoVac. This vacuum was designed to be safe for Class I, II, and III, Division 1 and 2 environments. Even with combustible material in the air, the vacuum’s construction and convenient grounding means the vacuum operates safely.

Power and Versatility in One

This vacuum was made to be the only vacuum you need for potentially hazardous spaces. Able to easily handle wet or dry applications, and the optional extension kits allow you to extend your vacuum’s reach up to 18’. An optional silencer lets you dampen the noise to only 77 dB, while the included crevice tool lets you get into hard-to-reach areas.

No Electricity or Moving Parts

Using the power of compressed air, this vacuum eliminates the risk of running an electric-powered vacuum in hazardous spaces. The right model of vacuum depends on your available compressed air supply. We’ve included a chart below to help you determine the right model for you. The lack of moving parts on the vacuum means there’s no parts to wear out, replace, or give off sparks.

Don’t sacrifice safety for performance.

With the explosion-proof compressed-air vacuum from HafcoVac, you can clean potentially hazardous spaces while keeping your work crews safe.

Order or request a quote today, and First Place Supply and our customer service team will help you get your remarkable new explosion-proof vacuum.


  • Vacuum Head, Grounded (48, 85 and 185 CFM models available) 
  • 18 gauge (1.1mm) 55 gallon Drum, Grounded (Thicker than your standard drum)
  • 4-wheel Steel Caster Base, Grounded
  • 1-1/2" Dia. x 25 Foot Static conductive vacuum hose w/wire (or 2" x 15' Static Conductive Hose Available w/ this model)
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Wet/Dry Floor Tool with 4' Wand
  • Crevice Tool 
  • 20' of 3/4" I.D. Anti-Static Air Supply Hose
  • This unit is safe for Class I,II,III Division 1 and 2 environments! 


  • Operates with compressed air without electricity
  • Has no moving parts to wear, burn out, or spark
  • For wet or dry applications
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes a lifetime warranty
  • Includes a Standard Filter (Optional upgrade to HEPA Filter)
  • Usually ships within 1 business day


Which model do I need? The 48CFM, 85CFM or the 185CFM? 
  • It depends on your air supply. See chart below for recommendations. Your typical garage air compressor will not run these vacuums. 

What size vacuum should I get? 

  • Both drum sizes will perform virtually the same. It all comes down to how much space you want to take up with the vacuum. 

Is this the right vacuum for my application? 

  •  We recommend each customer consult with a professional safety consultant to determine whether or not this unit is appicable to their particular situation. In general, this vacuum is rated as safe for use in Class I, II, III Division 1 & 2 envronments. 
Can I get a longer hose?


 Air Supply Info:
  • This vacuum runs on compressed air, and if not already present at your facility, can require require an investment of a sizable air compressor to operate properly
  • The air compressor used to run the vacuum must be able to deliver a minimum of our rated CFM @ 90 PSI.
  • The Vacuum will work if air supply are not to specifications but the optimal performance of the vacuums will be greatly reduced.
  • If you think you'll be on the lower end of the recommended CFM, we recommend going with a 48CFM unit as it will function much better than a 85CFM unit with only 50CFM of air available. 

This chart outlines the general CFM's of Air Compressors based on Horsepower. Note that this does not take into account loss of output due to length and size of hose running to end destination. 


Vacuum CFM's Requied Recommended Horsepower of Compressor
48 CFM Models 15 HP Minimum
85 CFM Models 25 HP Minimum
Dual Venturi / 185 Models 40 HP Minmium


  • HafcoVac explosion proof vacuums are safe for use as part of a combustible dust control program and are suitable for many flammable and combustible materials. With no motors to arc and no moving parts to create friction or spark, our non-electric explosion proof vacuums are a safe, reliable and cost effective solution for your business.
  • HafcoVac Explosion Proof Units bond all components of the vacuum together, ensuring no part is left isolated from its path to ground. When used in conjunction with our MSHA approved static conductive hose, a HafcoVac explosion proof vacuum is an economical alternative to  other products which often sell for many times the cost
  • With performance uncompromised by explosion proof safeguards, an upgrade to an explosion proof model will perform with the same power HafcoVac is known for. Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice your budget to protect your business and employees
  • If you are unsure if dust ignition proof vacuum equipment is necessary for your application or facility, a First Place Supply representative will gladly provide a thorough application analysis to ensure appropriate product selection
  • HEPA filters, (High Efficiency Particulate Air), are available for all HafcoVac industrial vacuums. They are often required by OSHA, DEP, EPA and others. Typical HEPA cleaner applications include, but not limited to: Asbestos abatement, lead paint recovery, mining, power generation, and food processing. 
  • HEPA filters are manufactured to True (Absolute) HEPA standards, 99.97% efficient at .3 micron. At these percentages, you can rest assured your staff safety is accounted for. 
  • All pneumatic vacuums operate using compressed air, not electricity! Compressed air provides customers with a number of advantages including:
    • Safer
    • More reliable
    • More power
    • Energy efficient
    • Variable power
Lifetime warranty to all original end-users of our products. Generally, this warranty applies to defects in material and workmanship when the product fails under normal conditions. Damage caused by conditions including, but not limited to the following are expressly excluded: modification to any component or assembly, solvents, corrosives, or harsh environmental conditions. Also excluded are all components considered consumables, such as gaskets, filters or exhaust silencers.
  • 5
    Explosion Proof Vacuum

    Posted by Lyndon Grove on 3rd Aug 2021

    This vacuum works very well. I bought it to suck up aluminum sanding fines and am very happy with it so far.

  • 4
    Overall: Good Wand Attachment Design: Poor

    Posted by Jim Hollingsworth on 16th Sep 2019

    Overall good performance. Wand has unattached copper compression ring that is easily lost. If lost, the attachments cannot be secured to the wand.

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