Upright Vacuums

  • Upright Vacuum (Dual Motor UV10): B100550


    Upright Vacuum (Dual Motor UV10): B100550

    New dual motor upright vacuum model UV10 is a vast improvement over its predecessor model UV5  Power and pick-up has been significantly increased without increasing the noise level In fact, it's been reduced!   The biggest improvement can be...

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  • Upright Vacuum (Single Motor UV9): B260949


    Upright Vacuum (Single Motor UV9): B260949

    The model UV9 offers features suitable for commercial environments including retail stores, offices, restaurants, schools, hotels and medical facilities A powerful 12 amp motor is mounted inside of a tough plastic housing and add several steel...

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Want to get the cleanup job done without ruining your back? First Place Supply and Pullman-Holt want the same thing. That’s why we offer dual-motor and single-motor upright vacuums that can’t be beat. We’ve been where you’ve been. We know what it’s like to wake up the next morning feeling aching and sore. And we’re just like you: we want a product in our hands that will save us money, do the job right, and let us feel a little less cramped at the end of a long day.

That’s why we give you products like the UV 9 and the UV10.

The UV9 has all the tools you’ll need, from a steel roller brush to a full set of on-board tools and attachments. It has a 12 amp is nestled inside a tough plastic house and its steel components make it able to take a beating and keep coming back for more. And it still only weighs 25 lbs.

Then there’s the UV10.

The UV10 is a real beauty. This magnificent tool not only has the horsepower, but works on just about any surface imaginable: it cleans any type of carpet and hard floor. It has an on-board hose and extension wand and two dusting tools for above-floor cleaning. If you want to clean a wider area without stopping to change outlets, the UV10 has a 50-foot power cord that lets you do more while walking less. And how about its floating brush head and high efficiency top-fill filtration system? If you’re looking for a product designed with you in mind, then the UV10 is perfect 

Talk to us today and let’s get you the upright vacuum you’ve been dreaming of!