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Endura® Deluxe Heavy Duty Lineman Gloves with 2" Reflective Cuffs (365DLX2)—Superior Glove™

Now: $30.62
Minimum Purchase:
3 units

Product Description

Be Seen with Endura’s High-Visibility Utility Lineman Gloves 

Designed to keep you safe on the job, these 365DLX3 Endura gloves feature 2″ cuffs marked by retro-reflective silver strips, providing the heavyweight horsehide leather lineman gloves with visibility that you can count on. Whether you work at night or in a dark space, high visibility hand protection is one of the most important pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) you can have. 


Lineman Gloves Designed with Abrasion Resistance in Mind 

A key component of Endura lineman gloves by Superior is the sewing thread made with Kevlar fiber for added seam integrity. Kevlar thread provides the ultimate resistance to moisture, abrasion, and high heat. You’ll have added durability and grip thanks to a performance patch at the thumb and palm of these innovative lineman gloves that makes them hard-wearing and a good investment. A high level of resistance to water, oil and stains increases the Superior utility gloves even further. 


Benefits of 365DLX3Endura Lineman Gloves: 

  • Enhanced visibility due to retro-reflective silver strips 
  • Added seam integrity because sewing thread is made with Kevlar fiber 
  • Excellent water, oil and stain-repellent properties as a result ofWaterstoptreatment 
  • Comfortable and durable, made with select heavyweight 3½ oz. grain horsehide leather  
  • Longer product life resulting from high performance thumb and palm patch


Applications: Construction, Forestry, Mining, Utilities
Recommended Industries: Brush/Vegetation Clearing, Material Handling, Utility Line Maintenance and Utility Pole Erection


Additional Details: 

Abrasion: ANSI Level 4 

High Visibility: Yes 

Material: Leather, Horsehide 

Puncture (Probe): ANSI Level 5 

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL 

Unit of Measure: Pair 



Why are 365DLX3 Endura gloves high-visibility 

High-visibility utility lineman gloves are designed to make the wearer more visible to others in low-light or poorly-lit conditions, such as working at night or in foggy weather. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on the job. 


What is the purpose of the high visibility feature?  

The high visibility feature is to improve safety in low visibility conditions. Most commonly used by Utility workers,