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Cool Grip Gloves With Cut And Heat Resistance (SKPX/PSS) For Work

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3 units

Product Description

Kevlar and Protex Doubles Your Hand Protection

Made from a blend of DuPont Kevlar fiber and Protex yarns that provide 360° ANSI Level A4 cut protection and ANSI Level 5 heat resistance, these 7-gauge double-layer Cool Grip gloves are a perfect match for any job that presents cut hazards in high heat. Silicone strips at the palm increase their grip and heat resistance

Kevlar is inherently flame resistant while also providing a strong protective barrier to punctures, while Protex serves as an advanced flame-resistant fiber for optimal heat and spark protection. 


Comfortable to Wear for Long Periods 

The inner gloves made from soft high-bulk polyester, give the SKPX/PSS by Superior a soft, comfortable fit. 


Benefits of Cool Grip SKPX/PSS:

  • Rated for time to pain of 45 seconds at 315°C / 600°F due to 360° ANSI Level A4 cut protection and ANSI Level 5 heat resistance  
  • Increased grip and heat resistance as a result of silicone strips along palm  
  • DuPont Kevlar will not melt or drip when exposed to flame 
  • The inner glove is made of high-bulk polyester, which creates a softer, more comfortable fit 
  • Crafted with latex-free materials to reduce the occurrence of allergic reactions 

Applications: Automotive, Foundry, Glass Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication

Recommended Industries: Hot Materials Handling, Metal Foundry, Metal Stamping


Additional Details: 

Cut: ANSI A4 

Gauge/Thickness: 7-Gauge 

Heat: ANSI Level5 (320°C or 608°F) 

Material: Kevlar 

Palm Coating: Palm Coating Texture, Strip 

Sizes: S, M, L, XL 

Unit of Measure: Pair 



Are the gloves flame-resistant? 

No, the Cool Grip® Cut & Heat Resistant Polyester Lined Kevlar/Protex Knit Gloves are not flame-resistant, however they have a heat resistant feature of ANSI Level5 (320°C or 608°F). 


How do the gloves fit?  

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