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Arc Flash Gloves: Endura 378GKTFG | Kevlar Lined Arc Flash Level 3

Now: $20.99

Product Description

Superior Gloves Endura 378GKTFG Description

Goatskin has high tensile strength and abrasion-resistant properties and is often referred to as nature’s strongest leather. Soft and lightweight, our Endura 378GKTFG white drivers-style, goat-grain leather work gloves are fully lined with Kevlar for the added bonus of cut resistance. And unlike other Kevlar-lined gloves, we’ve used a cut-and-sewn knit for optimal fit, since seamless string knits are ambidextrous, and as such tend to cause bunching in areas like the thumb. The cut-and-sewn liner of the 378GKTFG dons much more easily than a seamless knit, since it is tailored to the hand using a much finer-gauge knit than a regular string-knit Kevlar work glove. Because of this high strength-to-weight ratio, our Endura goatskin all-leather cut proof driver’s gloves are much tougher and more durable than their suppleness leads you to think. Keystone thumb provides extra durability.

Arc-flash testing placed the superior 378GKTFG arc flash gloves at level 3, with a rating of ATPV = 36 cal/cm². Note: the 378GKTFG glove is designed for spark and flame resistance, not thermal contact. Available in sizes XS - 2XL.

378GKTFG Glove Benefits

  • CUT RESISTANT: Cut proof, Kevlar lined Endura glove 378GKTFG provide excellent protection against cutting hazards while at the same time being comfortable and allowing full dexterity. Great for construction workers or for someone needing a great pair of yard work gloves.
  • ABRASION RESISTANT: Soft and lightweight, our premium goatskin cut resistant work gloves have high tensile strength and abrasion-resistant properties.
  • ARC FLASH TESTED: Arc-flash glove testing placed these cut proof gloves at level 3, with a rating of ATPV = 36 cal/cm². (Note: these work gloves are designed for spark and flame resistance, not thermal contact.)
  • SAFETY RATINGS: Work gloves are ANSI cut-level A4 and Puncture Resistance ASTM level-3.
  • APPLICATIONS: Cut-resistant work gloves for work in manufacturing, metal handling, general maintenance, construction, forklift drivers, truck drivers, farm equipment, steel plants and yard work.