Pelsue - Anchor Clamp (For Fall Arrest Tower): AC-28RX

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  • Anchor clamp
  • Adjustable 16 to 28 in.
  • Hex drive hub
  • Round man ways
  • Made from the finest materials! 

The Pelsue Model #AC-28RX Manway Anchor Clamp is specifically designed to provide a portable mounting point for a Pelsue Model #FT-C70 Fall Arrest Tower. The telescoping tube sections are able to be extended, via the hex drive hub, allowing two, rounded jaw plates to be placed underneath the flange of the manway thereby anchoring the clamp to the structure. The grip of the jaw plates is adjustable in order to account for varying thicknesses of the manway flange. The Model #AC-28RX will anchor to round manways having an outside flange diameter between 16” & 28” and a flange thickness of up to 1-1/4”. The Model #AC-28RX is constructed of steel and is coated with a durable electroless nickel plated finish.

General Specifications:
The #AC-28RX is approved as a portable mounting base for a Pelsue Model #FT-C70 Fall Arrest Tower when both products are employed and utilized according to their respective Product Manuals.
• Man Rated Load Capacity Using Fall Arrest Tower: Rating is determined by fall arrest tower.
Warning! A 900 LB. maximum arrest force (MAF) fall arrest device must be used when system is employed as part of a complete fall arrest system. Maximum weight of person upon anchorage is 310 LBS. (141 KG.) inclusive of all tools and equipment.

Materials & Construction:
• General Construction: Welded Carbon Steel, Electroless Nickel Plating
• Hardware: Grade 5 Zinc Plated Steel

55 lbs. (25.0 kg)

• Portable Fall Arrest Tower Base for installation on manways
• Telescoping tube sections and adjustable plates allow maximum adjustment
• Provides an approved mounting base for an #FT-C70 fall arrest tower