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Pelsue Submersible Pumps
Pelsue Submersible Pumps
Pelsue Submersible Pumps

Pelsue Submersible Pumps

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PF2000 Series (Power-Flo)


Discharge: 2.0"
Rated Output: 2.0 HP
Locked Rotor Amps: 92.4 amps
Full Load Amps: 23.3 amps
Voltage/Phase: 120V, single phase
Pump Dimensions: 7.4"D x 18"H
Weight: 49.5 lbs.
Maximum Head: 76 ft.
Maximum Capacity:
175 GPM

Discharge: 3.0"
Rated Output: 2.75 HP
Locked Rotor Amps: 52.6 amps
Full Load Amps: 12.5 amps
Voltage/Phase: 230V, single phase
Pump Dimensions: 7.3"D x 18"H
Weight: 49.5 lbs.
Maximum Head: 50 ft.
Maximum Capacity:
300 GPM

Discharge: 2.0"
Rated Output: 1.0 HP
Locked Rotor Amps: 36 amps
Full Load Amps: 12 amps
Voltage/Phase: 120V
Pump Dimensions: 5.3"D x 18.3"H
Weight: NA
Maximum Head: 46 ft.
Maximum Capacity:
120 GPM

Ready Series (FLYGT)


Discharge: 2.0"
Rated Output: 0.6 HP
Full Load Amps: 5.5 amps
Volts: 115V
Pump Dimensions: 7-5/16"W x 16-3/8"H
Weight: 20 lbs.
Maximum Capacity:
60 GPM

Discharge: 2.0"
Rated Output: 1.15 HP
Full Load Amps: 9.8 amps
Volts: 115V
Pump Dimensions: 7-5/16"W x 17-3/4"H
Weight: 25 lbs.
Maximum Capacity:
90 GPM

PM Series (Multiquip)


Discharge: 2.0"
Rated Output: 0.5 HP
Starting Amps: 41 amps
Running Amps: 8 amps
Voltage/Phase: 115V, single phase
Pump Dimensions: 6.7"W x 18.4"H
Weight: 38 lbs.
Maximum Head: 42 ft.
Maximum Capacity:
85 GPM

Discharge: 2.0"
Rated Output: 1.0 HP
Starting Amps: 63 amps
Running Amps: 12.5 amps
Voltage/Phase: 115V, single phase
Pump Dimensions: 6.7"W x 20"H
Weight: 55 lbs.
Maximum Head: 55 ft.
Maximum Capacity:
95 GPM

About Pelsue

Pelsue is the premier manufacturer of manhole equipment. Based in Englewood, CO, Pelsue has been helping to keep workers safe since 1963.

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