Pelsue Manhole Guards

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The Pelsue Manhole Guard creates a rigid and highly visible traffic barrier around open manholes. It is designed to hold up to rigorous conditions. It can be quickly set up or collapsed down, and meets OSHA standards. The 4000AL clamps securely to a manhole shield, while the 4000A is available with locking arms.

Dimensions and Weight

4000A:32 1/4"W x 42"H x 32 1/4"D, 39 lbs.

4000AL: 31 3/8"W x 42"H x32 3/8"D, 22 lbs.

About Pelsue

Pelsue is the premier manufacturer of manhole equipment. Based in Englewood, CO, Pelsue has been helping to keep workers safe since 1963.