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Waterflow Accessories - Hydrant Accessories (2 1/2" Hydrant Gate Valve): HGV25

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Product Description

Product #: HGV25
Description: 2 1/2" F. NST Swivel X 2 1/2" M. NST Outlet Lightweight Aluminum Hydrant Gate Valve
Make: C&S
Model: Aluminum Hydrant Gate Valve
Length: 11.50"
Weight(lb): 4
Shipping (L)12" (W)6" (H)4"
Weight(lb): 4
  • C&S water flow accessories fit a wide range of water supply needs from Strainers to Hydrant Accessories to inline valves.
  • All Forestry Products meet or exceed USDA FS 5100 Series Specifications
  • C&S hydrant accessories range from hydrant gate valves and diffusers to hydrant wrenches