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Forestry Products - Hose Coilers (Coils 1" TO 1 1/2" Hose): MC40

Now: $465.00
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Product Description

Product #: MC40
Description: The MC40 comes with small square mount for mounting on any sturdy vertical surface.
Make: C&S
Model: Hose Coiler
Length: 16.00"
Weight(lb): 6
Shipping (L)17" (W)10" (H)3"
Weight(lb): 7
  • All Forestry Products meet or exceed USDA FS 5100 Series Specifications
  • Light-Weight, Compact, and Portable hose Rollers
  • Roll hose in a standing position
 Smaller Coilers MC40 and MC65
  • Designed to make easy work out of coiling 1” to 3” hose under any condition
  • Capable of Dutch rolls
  • Attaches to virtually anything with separate mounting bracket included
  • Trailer Hitch and Wildland Mounting Brackets available for more flexibility in where hose can be coiled
 The LDH Coiler ‘MC80’
  • Designed to make easy work out of coiling 4” to 7”
  • Attaches to the Hitch Receiver of a pickup or the Tailboard of a truck
  • Comes with both Tailboard and Trailer Hitch Mounts