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Pelsue 3-Way Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRLs)

Now: $3,287.00

Product Description

If a worker slips or falls, the 3-Way SRL locks up to arrest the fall. The system can then be activated into winch mode, raising or lowering the worker to safety. The 3-Way is different than the standard SRL by adding retrieval/descender capabilities.

SRLs are extremely important in fall protection and rescue & retrieval applications. When entering a confined space by ladder, fixed structure, or while being lowered mechanically by a man-rated hoist, a worker must be attached to an independent lifeline for adequate fall protection.

Pelsue’s SRLs meet or exceed OSHA requirements for confined space rescue


• Fall arrest within 2'
• Retrieval capabilities in the case of an emergency
• Stress indicator to warn user that unit has arrested a fall
• Man rated up to 310 lbs.

SRL Weights

PSRL1350-SS - 32 lbs
PSRL1350-TR - 
32 lbs
PSRL1350-SSB - 
32 lbs
PSRL1350-SST - 
32 lbs
- 32 lbs
PSRL1350-TRT -
32 lbs
- 50 lbs


Under no circumstances should the 3-Way be used for routine raising and lowering (use a man-rated PH series hoist for raising and lowering).
3-Way needs to re-certified every 3 years unless it is used in arresting a fall, then it must be replaced immediately.

About Pelsue

Pelsue is the premier manufacturer of fall arrest and protection equipment. Based in Englewood, CO, Pelsue has been helping to keep workers safe since 1963.