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Roof Tarp | Hurricane Tarp | 20' x 100' Diamond Patterned String Reinforced FR

Now: $212.30

Product Description

These tarps are often used by roofers where sections are cut as needed and wood strips are used to tack it down over compromised roofs to prevent leaks.

  1. Cutting to Size: Cut these tarps to the required size based on the area of the roof that needs to be covered. 

  2. Tacking Down with Wood Strips: Once the tarp is cut to size, it is placed over the compromised or damaged section of the roof. To secure the tarp, use wood strips. These strips are laid along the edges of the tarp and then nailed or tacked down to the roof. This method of securing ensures that the tarp stays in place and provides effective coverage.


  • Weather resistant tarps & sheetings
  • Used to temporarily cover homes & damaged roofs
  • Used to create shelters for disaster refugees
  • Used to cover supplies & equipment from harsh weather and rainfall
  • Used for ground cover protection
  • Used to create temporary medical shelters


  • 20' x 100' 
  • 6 mil thickness
  • FR Material
  • String reinforced poly
  • Diamond patterned string reinforced