Removal Products

Have that splotch of paint you want to get rid of? Maybe a solvent or a gel? As you probably know, sometimes it’s a lot harder removing something than putting it there originally. That’s why First Place Supply is determined to give you an array of removal products that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Fiberlock Technologies is one company that cares about people and about making people’s lives on the worksite easier. We care, too, and that’s why we carry their products. Like Piranha 2 lead-based paint remover. Like Piranha 4 lemon-scented solvent gel. Or Piranha 8 self-sealing alkaline paste. Every one of these products will remove what you want removed, and with less “fuss and muss” than anything else you’ll find in stores or online.

We’ve built our reputation on customer service.

And on never letting you down.

And we know that safety doesn’t start or finish with just removing something.

When you’re on a big project, you’re going to need alkaline pastes and sealing agents at some point. And what better than Serpi Super-C-Lead self-sealing alkaline paste? What better than Surfactant: SerpiFactant wetting agent? Sealing the right way is every bit as important as removing things the right way, and we help you do that.

Whatever stage of the job, whatever the construction project, whatever the adventure - come and talk to us or see our site. See how we can help you. See what we can do for you. And see why our products are second to none.