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Anti-fatigue extreme standing mats comparison: small, medium and extra large
Anti-fatigue extreme standing mats comparison: small, medium,extra large, and big
Anti-fatigue extreme standing mats comparison: small, medium, large, extra large, big, and giant

The Ultimate Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat - Multiple Sizes and Colors Available

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The Ultimate Shock Absorbing Mat

Designed with 1” thick closed-cell nitrile foam rubber, First Place Supply engineered these shock absorbing mats with the goal of making the last mats you’ll ever need. Whether standing or kneeling, these mats were built to keep you comfortable your whole shift, day after day.

Better Circulation, Reduced Joint Pain

Using one of our anti-fatigue standing mats does more than just protect you from the hard ground. The mat keeps your body in gentle, subtle motion which improves your circulation and keep your joints lubricated. Not only do you feel more comfortable at the end of your shift, it helps prevent joint pain in the future.

Special Material Holds Its Shape

Our Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats are made from 1” thick closed-cell nitrile foam rubber, so they don’t compress over time. Unlike competitors’ mats which are made with inferior materials, these mats keep their shape and their shock absorbing, vibration dampening power. Get mats designed to be used every single day.

Designed for Fixed Workstations

These mats are made for every worker who finds themselves standing or kneeling throughout their workday. Whether you spend your day in an office, garage, warehouse, or anywhere in between, you should be able to feel good at work.

The closed-cell construction means it’s self-extinguishing and won’t absorb liquid, so you can easily clean the mat.

Backed up by outstanding customer service, you can rest assured that ordering Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats from First Place Supply is a great choice for your business and your body.

Place an order or request a quote today, and we’ll get to work showing you why people love these standing mats and why they love First Place Supply.


  • The ultimate shock absorber for extreme standing or kneeling
  • Keeps body in gentle motion to improve circulation and joint lubrication
  • Eliminates high frequency vibrations
  • Designed for extreme standing at fixed workstations
  • Yellow safety caution bars alert 1" height 

Material Characteristics

  • 1" thick closed cell nitrile foam rubber
  • Will not compression set
  • Self extinguishing
  • Will not absorb liquids
  • Silicone free

3D Spin of Extra Large 2' x 3' Mat






  • 5
    Like standing on a cloud

    Posted by Dale on 15th Jun 2021

    I have been around machine shops for almost 50 years and have never seen a mat that would hold up to machining chips and feel so soft to stand on. After seeing one at the shop I retired from I bought 2 for my garage. Great product.

  • 5
    Best standing mat on the market!

    Posted by Mike F on 15th Jun 2021

    First time I ever stepped on one of these I was at an event and had to cut through someones table. My feet hit that I I thought I was in heaven it felt so nice. I told the woman how much I loved it and she actually gave me her mat.
    I brought it back to work and several employees have standing desks and they love this mat as well. I highly suggest buying this mat.

  • 5
    Bought for a colleague

    Posted by Lita Kenyon on 15th Jun 2021

    I bought this standing mat for a colleague who has a sit/stand desk. He remarked that it was very comfortable to use.

  • 5
    Great mat

    Posted by Nita Wrigh on 15th Jun 2021

    Bought for my hubby who is a pharmacist and he really likes it.

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