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Cashier Anti-Fatigue Mat for Retail Workers

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Product Description

The cashier anti-fatigue mat from First Place Supply helps make sure retail workers can minimize the damage and discomfort of constant standing. Save your cashiers’ knees, joints, and back with our standing mats.

The Durable, All-Day Anti-Fatigue Mat for Retail

Cashier mats from First Place Supply are designed with 1” thick closed-cell nitrile foam rubber for long-lasting joint and muscle support, durability that drives value, and easy cleaning even with wet or greasy messes.

Engineered to not absorb liquid, these mats will last shift after shift without warping or losing their supportive power.

Better Circulation, Reduced Joint Pain

Using one of our anti-fatigue cashier mats does more than just keep you comfortable. The mat keeps your body in gentle, subtle motion which improves your circulation and keeps your joints lubricated.

Not only do they help you and your crews stay comfortable on the job, they help lessen the risk of chronic joint pain in the future.

Designed for Fixed Workstations

First Place Supply Standing Mats have been tested and tweaked for years in demanding industrial environments, and now we’re bringing what we’ve learned to your store.

Checkers and baggers alike will feel better at work because you’ve invested in their physical health and well-being.

Special Material Holds Its Shape

Our Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats are made from 1” thick closed-cell nitrile foam rubber, so they don’t compress over time.

Unlike competitors’ mats which are made with inferior materials, these mats keep their shape and their shock absorbing, joint cradling power. Get mats designed to be used every single day in the most testing environments.

The closed-cell construction means it’s self-extinguishing and won’t absorb liquid, so you can easily clean the mat.

Backed up by outstanding customer service, you can rest assured that ordering Anti-Fatigue Standing Mats from First Place Supply is a great choice for your team.

Place an order or request a quote today, and we’ll get to work showing you why people love these standing mats and why they love First Place Supply.


  • The ultimate shock absorber for extreme standing or kneeling
  • Keeps body in gentle motion to improve circulation and joint lubrication
  • Eliminates high frequency vibrations
  • Designed for extreme standing at fixed workstations
  • Yellow safety caution bars alert 1" height 

Material Characteristics

  • 1" thick closed cell nitrile foam rubber
  • Will not absorb liquids
  • Will not compression set
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Silicone free