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Compressed Air Vac. w/ 2" Hose Kit , 30 Gal: HV-30-2010V

Now: $1,330.00

Product Description


  • Vacuum Head 
  • 18 gauge (1.1mm) 30 gallon Drum 
  • Caster Base 
  • 25' of standard Vacuum Hose 
  • Wet/Dry Floor Tool with 4' Wand, 
  • Crevice Tool 
  • 20' of 2" I.D. Air Supply Hose


  • HEPA filters, (High Efficiency Particulate Air), are available for all HafcoVac industrial vacuums. They are often required by OSHA, DEP, EPA and others. Typical HEPA cleaner applications include, but not limited to: Asbestos abatement, lead paint recovery, mining, power generation, and food processing. 
  • HEPA filters are manufactured to True (Absolute) HEPA standards, 99.97% efficient at .3 micron. At these percentages, you can rest assured your staff safety is accounted for. 
  • All pneumatic vacuums operate using compressed air, not electricity! Compressed air provides customers with a number of advantages including:
    • Safer
    • More reliable
    • More power
    • Energy efficient
    • Variable power
  • This vacuum runs on compressed air, and if not already present at your facility, can require require an investment of a sizable air compressor to operate properly
  • The air compressor used to run the vacuum must be able to deliver a minimum of 60 or 100 CFM @ 90 PSI.
  • The Vacuum will work if air supply are not to specifications but the optimal performance of the vacuums will be greatly reduced.

This chart outlines the general CFM's of Air Compressors based on Horsepower. Note that this does not take into account loss of output due to length and size of hose running to end destination. 


Vacuum CFM's Requied Recommended Horsepower of Compressor
60 CFM Models 15 HP Minimum
100 CFM Models 25 HP Minimum
Dual Venturi / 200 Models 50 HP Minmium