Industrial Coatings & Primers

Almost every product requires the right coating. Sometimes, it may be for decorative purposes. Sometimes, it may be for protective reasons. But, whatever the reason, industrial coatings are important.

And so is the right primer.

A good primer can add that extra layer of protection. It can also help paint adhere to the surface of the product. And, just as importantly, the right primer can even increase the durability of the paint applied.

If you’re not using the right paints and primers, you could very well be damaging your finished products.

Our research team understands this. And it understands that the secret to good paints and primers is in the chemistry. Our partner, Fiberlock Technologies, thinks the same way we do. Working together, we have assembled paint and primer goods that will last longer, look better, and protect better than the competitor’s.

If it’s proven, high-grade interior/exterior stain blocking primer that you want, we have it. If it’s lead encapsulant coating that won’t let you down, we supply it. If it’s water-based DTM you’re after, then you’ll find it on our shelves. And finally, if you need quality waterborne acrylic masonry sealer, then First Place Supply has you covered. In the business world, the difference between companies that succeed and those that fail often comes down to the details. With our primers and paints, the finishing details on any of your products will be exceptional.

Come in today or visit our website and see all the ways we can help you.