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  • Abatement Technologies

    Second Stage Particulate Filter: H502-6 (6 per Case)

    The Abatement Technologies, Inc. air filter model H502 is the original equipment manufacturer or OEM replacement 2nd stage MERV 8 pleated particulate filter for Abatement...


  • Abatement Technologies

    Second Stage VAPOR-LOCK® Particulate/Carbon Filter: VL602

    The VL602 is the replacement OEM 2nd stage vapor-lock pleated particulate carbon filter for Abatement Technologies, Inc.'s PAS600, PAS750, PRED600, PRED750, CAP600, CAP600-UV and CAP600-UVP Central Air Purification systems. The actual...


  • Abatement Technologies

    Final Stage 99.97% HEPA Filter: H610C-99

    The H610C-99 is the final stage round replacement HEPA filter for Abatement Technologies, Inc.'s PRED1200, PAS1200, CAP600 (fits CAP600, CAP600-UV and CAP600-UVP units S/N's 5,001 - 59,999, manufactured after 06/02/98) and all CAP1200...


  • Abatement Technologies

    Final Stage 99.97% HEPA Filter: H161606-99

    Largely effective as a final stage filter! The H161606-99 is the final stage OEM replacement HEPA filter for Abatement Technologies, Inc.'s model PRED600 portable air scrubber. The H161606-99 OEM replacement has an...


  • Abatement Technologies

    Second Stage Pleated Particulate Pre-filter: H2002-12

    2"” pleated particulate prefilter Comes in cases of 12 Compatibility options: PAS2000EK, PAS2000EAK, PAS2400EK, PAS2K, PAS2KA, BD2KLV & PAS5000 (2), PAS1600S & PAS1600SHS 24"x24"x2" Additional Details:  Std Pkg Uom: CS Std Pkg...


  • Abatement Technologies

    First Stage FIBER-TRAPPER Particulate Pre-filter: F1821-12

    The F1821 “FiberTrap” filter is the OEM replacement 1st stage, 1" throwaway MERV 4 pre-filter for Abatement Technologies, Inc.’s model PAS2400 portable air scrubber. The actual size of the F1821...


  • Abatement Technologies

    Second Stage Particulate Filter: H1902-12

    Pleated particulate filter Compatible with PAS2000 and PAS2400 18"x24"x2" Additional Details:  Efficiency Rating: MERV 8 Std Pkg Uom: CS Std Pkg Qty: 12