Explosion Proof

Explosion-proof industrial vacuums usually bring up thoughts of things we hope we never have to deal with in the workplace. But, the grim reality is that mishaps can definitely happen. Which is why you need to have vacuums onsite that you can trust.

You can trust our explosion-proof vacuums. We guarantee it.

Whether pneumatic-powered or electric-powered, we offer vacuums that make you safer, and make your workers safer. When people’s lives hang in the balance, you can’t afford to cut corners. That’s when you need the best products from the best manufacturers.

And that’s where First Place Supply comes in.

Take our HV-30-1510VX. The value you’re getting is amazing.

The HV-30-1510VX coms with a grounded vacuum head (we offer both 100 CFM and 60 CFM models) and an 18-guage, 30-gallon grounded drum that is thicker than your standard drum. A 1-1/2-inch Diameter X 25-foot static conductive vacuum hose with wire comes along with the package – and we’ll even throw in a 2-inch hose with the HV-30 if that’s what you’re looking for. Quality and choice: that’s what you can expect at First Place Supply.

But the biggest thing, of course, is making sure that your vacuum cleaner won’t blow up on you. The HV-30 is safe for Class I,II,III Division 1 and 2 environments. Its anti-static air supply hose and 25-foot conductive vacuum hose and heavy grounded drum give you that extra security you won’t find with a lot of other models on the market.

Take some time today and check out our site and see how we can take some more of the worry out of work.