Extreme Standing Mats

Working at your machine all day, doing the tough stuff so that the product gets out the door on time, is no easy task. If you’ve ever had to stand for more than 30 minutes in the same location, you know hard it can be. And you know how important ergonomic standing mats are. To do your job the best you can, you need standing mats that make you feel comfortable and secure.

And that’s where First Place Supply comes in.

We feature the best ergonomic standing mats in the industry. Specially designed to take the strain off your back, your knees, and your ankles, ErgoKneel standing mats are built with your comfort in mind. Their Extreme Standing Mat is actually over 1-inch thick and combines comfort with durability in a way that no other similar product on the market can. And there’s so much more.

ErgoKneel offers standing mats made out of foam rubber that will not absorb liquids of any kind. They’re even self-extinguishing and non-conductive. To make things easier for you, they have a built-in hand hole for fast storage. With your ErgoKneel standing matt, not only can you throw it down practically anywhere, but you can easily carry it with you whenever you please. Finally, ErgoKneel is impervious to petroleum, doesn’t have any silicone, and won’t compression set. And it even cleans up quickly with just soap and water.

If you’re feeling tired and sore after standing all day, try out our ErgoKneel standing mat and make your long day a little shorter. 

Check Out this AWESOME 3D Spin of the Small Extreme Standing Mat!