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Ultra Durable Hard Panel Mobile Containment Unit - Optional Neg. Air Machine

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Product Description


The Kontrol Kube HardPanel Containment system is an ultra durable solution for mobile containment.The HardPanel is a highly configurable design that can accommodate a HEPA filtered DOP compliant negative air machine on the inside or on the outside of the unit. This enables the user to expand or contract the footprint of the unit depending on the space that is available.

When maximum durability and configurability are what you need, the Kontrol Kube Hardpanel is your answer.
  • Ultra durable
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Easy to Clean
  • Reaches ceilings up to 11 ft
  • Safely accommodates 6’ and 8’ step ladders
Standard Features:
  • 11' Ceiling Reach - Unit reaches 11’ ceilings and accommodates 6’ and 8’ ladders without modification.
  • 10 Windows - Six windows in the aluminum skin as well as 4 four additional windows in the fabric upper enclosure ensure visibility when moving the unit. The windows also permit natural light in and visibility out for those working in the unit.
  • Ratcheting Support Poles - Steel support poles with ratcheting and locking mechanism allow for single handed raising and lowering of the unit.
  • Ceiling Foam Gasket - Ensures a tight seal between the unit and ceiling.
  • High Strength, Fire Rated Fabric - Synthetic fabric upper enclosure is over three times stronger than traditional vinyl enclosures. This advanced fabric meets NFPA 701, California Fire Marshal, CPAI 84 and FMVSS 302 fire retardant specifications.
  • 12" Negative Air Port - Ensures compatibility with all popular negative air machines, inclding the Kontrol Kube Negative Air Machine.
  • 8" Negative Air Exhaust Port - Permits using a negative air machine inside the unit and exhaust cleaned air.
  • Fabric Pass Through - Permits large items such as conduit or pipes to be passed through the enclosure.
  • Cable Pass Through (2) - When pulling cable they can be fed from outside into the containment unit.
  • Locking Casters - 360 degree swivel, non-marking, locking casters allow the unit to be maneuvered into tight areas and locked for a secure working platform.
  • Locking Door - Tools and equipment can be left inside the unit securely between shifts, breaks and day to day.
Optional Components:
  • Negative Air Machine - HEPA Filtered Negative Air Machine ensures effective containment by negatively pressurizing the workspace. This prevents any dust from escaping. The DOP compliant filtered unit ensures single pass HEPA filtaration.
  • Negative Air Machine Base (AirBase) - Attached to the Kontrol Kube HardPanel and holds the negative air machine. Once set up you have a completely mobile, rolling containment system. The AirBase is designed to work with most negative air machines.