• Portable Air Scrubber: PRED750

    Abatement Technologies

    Abatement Technologies Portable Air Scrubber: PRED750

    With next-generation technology, the PRED750 features a unique, updated double-wall polymer cabinet and design that produces exceptional airflow and durability to make your jobs easier and more profitable. With an amazing peak airflow of up to 750 cfm...

    As low as $960.00
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    Vent - Carpet Blower / Fan Dryer by B-Air

      The B-Air Vent VP-33 was developed with the restoration contractor in mind – low amp, compact size and high CFM. The VP-33 is half the size of any air mover in its class.The B-Air VP-33 delivers 2530 CFM while using only 2.9 amps. With its...

  • Abatement Technologies

    BULLDOG Roto-Molded Negative Air Machine: BD2KM

    Heavy-Duty Performance in a Tough Rotationally-Molded Cabinet The powerful yet lightweight BULLDOG BD2KL contractors model and BD2KLA deluxe model from Abatement Technologies delivers outstanding HEPA air cleaning performance. Its...

    $1,100.00 As low as $950.00
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  • Portable Air Scrubber PRED1200 features

    Abatement Technologies

    Portable Air Scrubber: PRED1200

    The lightweight Abatement PRED1200 Portable Air Scrubber (PAS) delivers outstanding air scrubbing performance in an ultra-strong, rotational molded polyethylene cabinet. Weighing only 70 pounds with filters, the PRED1200 produces an eye-popping peak...

    As low as $1,810.00
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  • Abatement Technologies

    HEPA-AIRE® Portable Air Scrubber: PAS600

    The advanced HEPA-AIRE PAS600 Portable Air Scrubber features: Low Amperage - Daisy-chain multiple units on one 15 amp circuit Negative Pressure - Attached 8” diameter exhaust collar Easy-to-Transport - Top-mounted carrying handles and...

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  • Gann

    Gann Hydromette Compact B Moisture Meter: MMG2030

    Electronic Structural Moisture Meter Takes Measurements Without Invasive Probes or Electrodes The Gann 2030 Hydromette Compact B Moisture Meter measures structural moisture electronically using a technique based on the dielectric constant/high frequency...

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  • The Vantage 1500 Dehumidifier is Available in Blue / Red / Green


    Vantage 1500 Dehumidifier / 76 Pints Per Day

      We have limited stock of these in our Houston TX warehouse. Order online, or call to reserve for pickup. We are centrally located in downtown by the convention center. BLUE is the only color in stock, so make sure to select Blue! Pickup is...

  • Abatement Technologies

    Portable Air Scrubber: PRED1200UV

    The Power of Microorganism-Killing UVGI Germicidal Radiation with the Air-Cleansing Performance of HEPA Filtration The lightweight Abatement PRED1200UV Portable Air Scrubber (PAS) creates the definitive airpurification solution for water...

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  • Abatement Technologies

    RAPTOR® Axial Air Mover: RAM3000DRD

    State-of-the-art design and convenience features of RAPTOR RAM3000 Series Axial Air Movers include: Advanced Axial Air Drying Technology - Two-speed, high-velocity airflow rated up to 1,950 fpm pulling 2.8 amps or less! Durable, Lightweight...

  • This Wheel Base is used in conjunction with the unit wheelbase for the containment unit (Kontrol Kube). It allows the entire Kontrol Kube and air base to easily be wheeled from site to site. ***Negative Air Machine is not included with the wheelbase. It must be purchased separately or as part of a Kontrol Kube kit.

    Kontrol Kube

    AirBase - Negative Air Machine Wheel Base: 6542

    An airbase is a great and safe accessory for your containment system! Add an AirBase to your containment system Made from durable parts Thoroughly made to last for years Another great accessory for your containment needs Please call for freight Min...

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  • Flex Small Red Air Mover


    Flex - Ultra Small 1/4 HP Air Mover / Blower

      The Flex is a powerful miniature air mover / dryer that gets into small spaces where average air movers cannot reach. The Flex helps dry any small or difficult to reach space whether it be closets, under counters or into drop ceiling...

  • Delmhorst

    Delmhorst BD-2100 Moisture Meter: DBD2100PK

    Outstanding features of the BD-2100 Moisture Meter include: Three scales in one powerful meter Wood scale Reference scale Gypsum scale Easy one-hand operation Digital readout Proven micro-controller circuit Utilizes resistance technology recognized as...

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  • Duct Dryer for Flex Air Mover


    Duct Dryer Kit for Flex Air Mover

    The Flex Duct Drying Kit #CDDK is specifically designed to adapt to the Flex Air Mover model #FX-1. The adapter kit comes with an 8-foot high quality flexible vinyl hose which easily allows ventilation of the hard to reach places with an adjustable...

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  • Kontrol Kube

    Fiberlock HEPA Filtered Negative Air Machine: 6560

    Lightweight Durable Up to 500 CFM Variable Speed Designed for The Kontrol Kube Complete System 1 Year Limited Warranty The three stage HEPA filtered Kontrol Kube Complete Negative Air Machine comes equipped with all filters factory installed When used...

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