Confined Space Safety



Safety, reasonable pricing, and outstanding quality – those are things that First Place Supply are known for. When it comes to operating securely in confined areas, you want ventilators that are the best on the market, because those are the things that are going to keep you safe. And you want ventilators at a reasonable cost, because safety should never break the bank or empty your wallet. At First Place Supply, we offer the finest quality ventilators available. And we offer them by partnering with Pelsue, a name synonymous with high quality and exceptional safety.

We have Pelsue’s elite FlexPac offerings – starting as low as $295.00. For less than $200.00, you can purchase one of our Pelsue “Pel Can” Storage units. Every accessory that might keep you safe and secure when working in dangerous, confined areas – from aluminum manhole shields to anchor clamps – are available on our site. If you need lots of it, we’ll make sure you get it. If you want the latest innovation from Pelsue, we’ll make sure you get that, too. Keeping our customers secure and confident is one of the reasons we’ve become the first place people come to when they’re looking for industrial products.

One of things you’ll notice is that we don’t just give you the bare essentials: working in a confined area means that you need accessories and auxiliary tools to help you at all points along the way. Whether it’s a counterweight cart or a cylinder core or a Davit Mast, there’s something here for every problem or challenge you may encounter.