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  • B-Air

    Vent - Carpet Blower / Fan Dryer by B-Air

      The B-Air Vent VP-33 was developed with the restoration contractor in mind – low amp, compact size and high CFM. The VP-33 is half the size of any air mover in its class.The B-Air VP-33...

    Now $189.00

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    Flex Small Red Air Mover Flex - Ultra Small 1/4 HP Air Mover / Blower


    Flex - Ultra Small 1/4 HP Air Mover / Blower

      The Flex is a powerful miniature air mover / dryer that gets into small spaces where average air movers cannot reach. The Flex helps dry any small or difficult to reach space whether...

    Now $99.00

  • B-Air

    Vantage 1500 Dehumidifier / 76 Pints Per Day

      We have limited stock of these in our Houston TX warehouse. Order online, or call to reserve for pickup. We are centrally located in downtown by the convention center. BLUE is the only color...


  • B-Air

    Black Stand for Polar Bear Axial Air Mover

    Add 360° of versatility to your Polar Bear Axial Air Mover! When used with this easy-to-attach stand, your Polar Bear has the ability to dry in any direction!  Dry ceilings, walls, floors...


  • B-Air

    Duct Dryer Kit for Flex Air Mover

    The Flex Duct Drying Kit #CDDK is specifically designed to adapt to the Flex Air Mover model #FX-1. The adapter kit comes with an 8-foot high quality flexible vinyl hose which easily allows...


  • B-Air

    Ducted Drying Kit for Grizzly Air Mover

    The Drying Duct Kit (#DDK) adapter has been specifically designed to securely fit with locking side latches to any of the Grizzly Dryers.This is especially useful when you need to get...


  • B-Air

    Vantage LGR 3000 Dehumidifier / 170 Pints Per Day

    The B-Air Vantage LGR 3000 is the most effective dehumidifying and drying device available to restoration contractors. The Vantage LGR 3000 removes 170 pints per day @ AHAM / 38 gallons per day @...


  • B-Air

    Filter Kit for Flex Air Mover

    Filter Kit (#CP-1-FF) is designed to minimize debris from entering the Flex airmover and protecting the internal componentry of the unit. The foam filter pads can be washed / dried and re-used.


  • B-Air

    Filter Kit for Grizzly Air Mover

    Filter kit easily snaps onto the GP-1 / GP-33 air intakes (no tools needed).The filter kit virtually eliminates debris being drawn into the unit assuring long motor life.Filters are easily removed to...