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Endura Work Gloves: The Top 5 Endura Superior Gloves

Endura Work Gloves: The Top 5 Endura Superior Gloves

Endura Work Gloves and Why You Need Them

Why You Need Endura Gloves

No two jobs are exactly alike. That’s why Endura Work Gloves go beyond “one size fits all.”

We’re proud to be a trusted distributor of Endura® gloves by Superior, made for drivers, lumberjacks, utility workers, miners, and more. If you need protection from on-the-job hazards or even the bitter cold, Endura® has the right glove for you.

Whether made with goatskin, Kevlar®, TenActiv®, or other materials, each glove is tailor-made to provide the combination of protection, warmth, and adaptability that makes them the premiere work gloves for crews everywhere.

Need cut or puncture protection? Need to keep workers safe from arc flash? Endura gloves from Superior have the gloves you need for the hazard of your work.

Reduces Risk in the Work Place

As worksites become smarter and smarter, Endura work gloves adapt to make sure their selection includes touchscreen-compatible options for seamless work.

You Can Use Them With Your Phone

It can be frustrating, uncomfortable, or even dangerous for employees to remove their gloves to use a phone or tablet in the cold of winter. Exposure to workplace hazards or harsh elements doesn’t have to be an accepted part of the job.

Superior Gloves is innovating for the future of all kinds of work. Many Endura gloves are made to be used with touchscreens of all types so that workers can go from job to screen without missing a beat.

Look for the touchscreen-friendly tag on the glove description to find work gloves for today’s jobs.

They Will Last Long Enough

Superior Gloves designs, assembles, and tests their Endura® work gloves exhaustively to make sure they don’t just perform today, but day after day, year after year.

Our gloves use premium fabrics, leather, hide, and synthetic technologies to provide the best combination of safety and functionality available to workers. These fabrics meet or exceed the rigorous standards of Superior Gloves.

You want and need your work gloves to last, and Superior Gloves® works hard to make sure their selection is made to stay by your side, helping you and your workers get maximum value from every pair of gloves.

Get work gloves that are made for your job today, tomorrow, and for a long time to come. Endura work gloves are made to last long, work hard, and keep your workers’ hands protected. 

Superior Gloves Endura Made For You

Endura® Goatskin Arc Flash & Cut-Resistant Driver Gloves

Fully lined with Kevlar®, these driver-style gloves are both cut-resistant and well-fitting, with a cut and-sewn knit.

Endura® Kevlar®-Lined Arc Flash Driver Gloves w/ Oilbloc™

Superior Gloves brings their Oilbloc technology even after being spilled on the leather for several days. Along with their water-repellent properties, these gloves help prevent stains and contamination.

Endura® Extreme Cut Resistant Kevlar® Steel and Poly Lined Oilbloc™ Goatskin Gloves

These gloves feature a wire-core and para-aramid lining which offers the wearer all-over ANSI level A9 cut protection, with an ANSI A5 rating for punctures. Plus, the Oilbloc™ treatment helps prevent slips and drops.

Endura® Deluxe Heavy Duty Lineman Gloves

The 2” cuffs on these gloves feature retro-reflective silver strips to ensure dependable visibility for the wearer. The heavy horsehide leather ensures durability in a glove that will continue to perform for you day after day.

Endura® Goatskin TIG Kevlar®-Lined Welding Gloves

Blending some of the most advanced materials in the industry, these gloves offer unparalleled fit and functionality. The goatskin offers durability and dexterity with exceptional touch sensitivity. 


Are all Endura work gloves touchscreen compatible?

Only select designs feature touchscreen-compatible fingertips. Look in the item description to make sure your gloves are made with this technology.

What sizes do Endura work gloves come in?

Endura work gloves are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate as many workers as possible. Depending on material, gloves come in sizes from XXS-XXL (5-11). 

What level of ANSI cut protection do I need?

It depends on your job and the risks you’re routinely exposed to. A1 and A2 gloves offer protection against minor cuts a warehouse worker might encounter, but if you handle blades regularly, A5 gloves are better.

If working with sharp or dangerous materials is a constant part of your job, A6 or higher gloves are recommended or may indeed be required by your employer.

How do I wash these gloves?

Most types of Superior Gloves can be washed at home or through a commercial dry cleaning service.