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  • P10 Backpack Vacuum: B001225


    P10 Backpack Vacuum: B001225

    New lightweight aluminum backpack vacu­um with professional 10 quart capacity. Replaces our current model P5 with 6 quart capacity.  Same powerful motor, filter system and harness support but with larger volume recovery.   Two-stage,...

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At First Place Supply, we’re always looking to expand. And that means finding great products that offer things you literally can’t find anyplace else – and certainly not the price we’re offering. Our new P10 Backpack Vacuum is a great example of what we mean.

Take a moment and look at what you get for only $274.40.

You get a lightweight, aluminum backpack vacuum with professional 10-quart capacity. You get a powerful motor, a great filter system and plenty of harness support – but all of this with greater volume recovery.

That’s hard to top. And we’ve only started.

If the features above don’t grab you, think about having a P10 with a two-stage, 1.7HP motor with thermal protection. Powerful suction, but with guards in place to protect against overheating. And four-stage filtration to ensure clean air exhaust. For less than $300.00, you’re getting a premium product that marries high performance with absolute safety and efficiency. And we’re giving you this product because you matter to us, and because our reputation rests on giving you the best.

And we make sure to deliver.

With the P10, everything’s been thought of. You get a drop-in cloth bag and a 10-quart disposable paper bag. You’re receiving a padded harness with a handle that relieves stress to the body. Taking some of the weight and discomfort off your hands will not only make cleaning easier and better, but it will save your health in the long-run. And, last of all, the P10’s aluminum housing is as tough as you’ll find while still being lightweight.

See us today and make the smart choice.