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F621 Filter | Buy First Stage FIBER-TRAPPER® Particulate Pre-filter

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Product Description

This package ships with 12 filters at price listed above.

F621-12 Filter Description

The F621 Filter is the OEM replacement 1st stage 1" throwaway MERV 4 pre-filter for Abatement Technologies, Inc.’s model PRED600, PRED1200, PRED1200E, PRED1200-UV, PAS600, PAS750, PAS1200 and H600V portable air scrubbers. The actual size of the F621 air filter is approximately 16" x 16" x 1".

The First Stage Fiber-Trapper® Particulate Pre-Filter: F621-12 filter is designed to capture the coarsest particles circulating through your air duct system which helps to extend the life of the 2nd stage carbon-pleated filter and the HEPA filter, saving you money!

Manufacturer recommended replacement schedule for the F621 pre-filter:

  • High Particulate - every 8 hours
  • Medium Particulate - every 48 hours
  • Low particulate - every 72 hours or until filter light goes on

For instructions on how to change your air cleaner filter, please refer to your units Instruction Manual.

The Abatement Technologies F621 pre-filter is UL 900 Class 2 listed.

Comes in a case of 12 to save you time and money!

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  • Std Pkg Qty: 12