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Wet/Dry Vacuums

  • Pullman

    Wet/Dry Big Red Drum Vacuum (2HP): B001135 (new sku 13503736)

    Now you can handle those tough large commercial jobs.  Our new all inclusive BIG RED Drum Vacuum comes complete with Drum and dolly.  Equipped with a 2-stage, 2-hp bypass motor, the Big Red Wet/Dry Vacuum is ideal for heavy-duty service with...


  • Pullman

    Wet Vacuum (4520 Pump Out, 20Gal, 2HP): B100450

    The 45-20POV is a wet vacuum, specially designed for high volume pick-up of slurries, spills, water damage projects and flood water.  The 45-20POV has the same air-flow and water lift as our popular 45HEPA vacuum so it provides the power and...


  • Pullman

    Wet/Dry Vacuum (2HP, 12GL, 10212P): B522289

    Recommended for heavy-duty service, the Model 102-12P Wet/Dry Vacuum has the power for the toughest cleaning applications. This power packed and reliable 'work horse' picks up almost any kind of dry debris or liquid. Features: Two-stage, 2HP...