Mold Remediation

Mold. Even the word is ugly. Left alone, it can harm structural integrity. Left alone, it can cause infections or bacteria. And, when it’s left to grow and grow and grow, mold can become increasingly unsightly and stinky even as it becomes increasingly dangerous. It’s one visitor you don’t want to overstay its welcome.

First Place Supply carries some excellent mold remediation tools which will help get rid of mold so that you can save yourself money and headaches. We offer Concrobium Sprayable and Wipeable mold cleaner and preventer for the low price of only $31.99. Concrobium Pro Broad Spectrum Disinfectant – both botanically derived and foggable – is available for the even lower price of $27.95. These products, two of our most popular, will get rid of the mold and keep it from coming back.

And those are only 2 of the 30 products we feature on our website.

Advanced peroxide cleaners from Fiberlock. Shockwave disinfectants and sanitizers. AfterShock fungicidal coating goods. Mold resistant coatings. We have tasked our business partners with coming up with products that will keep mold away from your products, your family, and your business assets. We’ve also done everything possible to keep costs down. None of the products we offer on our website – not even the heavy duty ones for the toughest jobs – cost more than $300.00.

Safety has its price, but it should never be a prohibitive one.

While you’re thinking about safety and about protecting the things that matter, see what our site offers. If you don’t want mold, then you’ll want us.