Mobile Containment

Dust Control

Kontrol Kubes are the perfect solution for dust containment during hospital maintenance and inspections.



Dust can be generated by daily maintenance work or common inspection procedures. Without appropriate dust control measures in place, this airborne hazard can dramatically impact patient outcomes.


Kontrol Kubes can be deployed quickly and easily to eliminate the spread of harmful dust and particulate. Because dust is drawn into the unit by the HEPA filtered negative air machine, maintenance teams can work knowing that the dust they generate will not impact patient outcomes.

Patient Isolation

Kontrol Kubes can be deployed quickly to contain or isolate any standard patient room, ICU or operating theater



A patient is admitted for injuries recieved in an accident. After being admitted the patient is diagnosed with MDR-TB.


Kontrol Kube can be quickly deployed and placed on any door converting a standard patient room into a temporary Airborne Infection Isolation room. This aspect of the Kontrol Kube makes it an excellent solution for additional surge capacity as well. - Kontrol Kubes can be purchased using HRSA/ASPR Funding.

Pandemic / Bio-Terror

Kontrol Kubes assist in increasing surge capacity in the event of an outbreak.



Pandemics & bio-terror events don't happen on a schedule. For that reason a hospital must be ready and able to act on a moments notice to accomodate and possibly isolate a sudden surge of patients.


Kontrol Kubes can be set up and used as a temporary anteroom to enable a facility to quickly and effectively isolate patients in standard rooms or isolate large areas for group quarantine




Spills happen on the job. Things can break or crack. The wrong stuff can escape into the air or spill onto the floor. If you’re working with hazardous materials, contamination is always a possibility. As the old saying goes, if something can go wrong…

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