Meters and Monitors

When you work in a busy workplace, you need to know that everything’s just right. You need to know how much moisture is in that cramped or confined space with you. You need to know how pure the air is that you’re breathing. And you need to know that the atmosphere around you will allow you to do your work with comfort and security. In short, you need the best meters and monitors you can find.

That’s where First Place Supply comes in.

We work with Abatement Technologies because we want world-class, technologically advanced, air purification products to be put in your hands so that you don’t end up with your hands full at a critical moment. We partner with the best because that’s the only way to ensure total quality and exceptional performance. And we have some terrific products on offer.

Take the PPMT Portable Room Pressure Monitor from Abatement Technologies for a start.

We could go on all day about the PPMT, but here’s just a sample. An ultra-tough Pelican case with a clear, polycarbonate view window. A color touch-screen display. A USB port for archive history downloading to an external flash drive and on-site firmware upgrading. Battery power that can actually work for up to 16 days! Exceptionally subtle and minute differential pressure measurement and reading accuracy. It even comes with an optional auto dialer. When you have the PPMT Portable Pressure Monitor in your hands, you know that you’re going to know everything going on in that work area.

Talk to us today and we’ll get you set up.