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Lead Abatement

  • Fiberlock Technologies, Inc

    L-B-C Industrial Lead Encapsulant - White (One Gallon): 5801

    LBC Lead Barrier Compound (Type III - Interior/Exterior)is a thermoplastic-elastomeric water based copolymer blended speci cally to form a barrier between lead-based paint and the environment. It is a high-solids coating formulated to o er unparalleled...


  • Fiberlock Technologies, Inc

    LeadSafe TSP Wipes - 8 in. x 12 in. Towels (90 Ct.): 5498

    LeadSafe Lead Dust Wipes are conveniently packaged towelettes presoaked in a trisodium phosphate (TSP) solution to aid in surface preparation and cleaning for the quick removal of harmful lead dust. LeadSafe Wipes are ideal for use before and after any...


  • Fiberlock Technologies, Inc

    LeadSafe Lead Dust Cleaner (One Quart): 5496

    Yes! - You can order in less than case quantities. We're one of the few to sell by the quart!  LeadSafe Lead Dust Cleaner is a concentrated product designed specifically to assist in the cleanup of lead dust after lead abatement projects,...


  • Fiberlock Technologies, Inc

    Grip-Tack - Lockdown Adhesive For Lead & Asbestos: 6408

    Grip-Tack is a high solids, water based multipurpose lockdown/adhesive for capturing and sealing residual contaminants present before, during, and after demolition or removal projects. Its unique formulation provides a soft, tacky, flexible membrane,...