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Nilfisk Turbo Nozzle for Part No. 56649625

Now: $144.30
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Product Description

  • The Turbo Nozzle is a carpet cleaning tool equipped with a rotating beater bar that connects to the vacuum̴̥s hose
  • It uses the working air of the vacuum to spin the beater bar and agitate carpet fibers
  • The Turbo Nozzle is compliant with the EPA's Lead RRP which requires contractors to use a carpet beater bar in conjunction with their HEPA filter vacuum cleaner
  • The Nilfisk Turbo Floor Nozzle with Brush features an air-powered carpet beater bar that spins while the vacuum is in use to help dislodge dust, dirt, and debris from carpets
  • This floor nozzle is compatible with the Nilfisk GD10, GD930, UZ 934, UZ 964, Family Vac, and GM 80 vacuum models
  • This type of floor nozzle is required to perform lead remediation on carpeting under the EPA's Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting rule
  • Best for medium-pile carpets
  • Nilfisk Part # 56649625