FLIR i5 Thermal Imaging Camera: IRC-FRI5

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One of the most economical IR cameras on the market, the Extech i5 is ideal for detecting hidden problems and making quick damage assessments. The i5 is an easy-to-use troubleshooting tool.


fliri5palm.jpgThere’s no reason for you to use antiquated technology to solve the modern day problems you deal with every day. 

Temperature guns may be convenient and inexpensive, but they are painstakingly slow to use when scanning large areas.

The Flir i5 lets you see the whole picture with thousands of precise temperature measurements in every image so you’ll always get accurate readings, and you can stay safely away from energized equipment.

Whether you’re just getting into thermal imaging, or are so convinced of its effectiveness that you’d like to arm every member of your team with a thermal imager, the FLIR i5 is the solution for you.

The FLIR i5 allows you to:

  • Find the water in a matter of moments! No more hidden spots!
  • Collect data (readings, thermal images) and store it on your PC
  • Protect yourself from liability claims, back up your work with hard data!
  • Justify your charges to adjusters (Fact: Some insurance adjusters demand infrared data before paying out on a claim!)

Advanced features of the FLIR i5 Thermal Imaging Camera include:

  • Compact and Lightweight - 0.75 pound weight makes it convenient to store and access in a belt pouch
  • Focus Free - Fixed lens with focus free feature makes using the FLIR i5 a snap
  • Large Color Display - Bright 2.8” LCD color display
  • IR Resolution - 80 x 80 pixels
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery - Battery lasts for 5 hours of continuous use
  • miniSD Card - Stores standard radiometric JPEG format images on miniSD card
  • Data Communications Interface - USB mini-b connection for direct data transfer to a PC using QuickReport ™ PC Software (USB cable and software included)
  • Heat Measurement Range - Measures from 32 to 482°F (0 to 250°C) and detects temperature differences as small as 0.2°F